How Does Retirement Impact Your Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security disability benefits are an important safety net for people who have physical or other types of impairments that prevent them from working. But what happens if you’re receiving these payments and you’re nearing retirement age? Or what if you’re nearing the end of your working years and you need to file for disability? These questions are best answered by a Social Security disability attorney. The Rock Hill and Columbia law offices of Jordan Law Firm are here to help.

Regardless of how long you’ve been receiving this type of disability payment, those benefits will convert to retirement when you reach your full retirement age. Most importantly, the amount you receive will not change.

It’s critical to note that there are lots of factors that come into play when discussing Social Security disability benefits, such as spousal benefits. It can get complicated if you don’t have an expert in the field to assist you. That’s where Social Security disability lawyers can be of great help. The Jordan Law Firm will work with you from the very beginning. We’ll help you file a claim and will represent you if you’re wrongfully denied the benefits you deserve. If you’re looking for a Social Security disability attorney in Columbia or Rock Hill, we’re the team to call.