4 Ways Technology is Helping Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims are inconvenient, to say the least. After all, you didn’t plan on being hurt on the job. Nor did you plan to have to file a claim and hire a workers’ compensation attorney. However, there is a little bit of good news. Technology is helping people who’ve suffered a workplace injury in several important ways. Here are just a few of the advances you should ask about if you’ve filed a workers’ comp claim.

  1. Communications. In this day and age, your workers’ comp insurance company should be using technology to communicate with you. Email, online claims, and other tools mean you can get the information you need faster.
  2. Receiving care. Telemedicine is a big trend in 2017. It uses the internet or smartphone apps to connect patients with doctors for the treatment of minor ailments. You may be able to take advantage of these services (if they’re provided by your insurance company), which are often more convenient than having to get in the car and drive to the doctor’s office.
  3. Tracking progress. Wearable technology like fitness trackers can provide valuable information about your health to both you and your physician. For example, you can monitor your progress as you increase your stamina following an injury.
  4. Education and training. Employers should provide workplace safety training for their employees, as well as information about workers’ compensation insurance and the claims process. Today, this information can be delivered online or even through an app on your smartphone. Regardless of how the information is provided, the end result is the same: Employees are more aware of workplace safety hazards and will be able to avoid injuries on the job. That’s a win-win for everyone.

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