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Your Dentist Betrayed Your Trust

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Your dentist failed to make your safety their top priority. Now you're paying the price for their negligence. If you believe you're a victim of dental malpractice, count on Jordan Law Firm, P.C. to stand up for your rights.

A dental malpractice lawyer can determine whether or not your injuries qualify as malpractice and offer legal advice on how to pursue compensation and other damages.

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Do you need a dental malpractice attorney?

Most people expect a trip to the dentist to be unpleasant. But they trust that their dentist will provide them with an adequate standard of care. Unfortunately, dental malpractice can result in a range of injuries, including nerve damage, gum lacerations or a broken jaw.

Other forms of dental malpractice are:

  • Operating on or removing the wrong tooth
  • Operating on or removing healthy teeth due to aggressive dental treatment.
  • Failing to prescribe antibiotics
  • Failing to diagnose and treat infections

A dental malpractice attorney in Rock Hill or Columbia, SC can also help you seek justice if your dentist manipulated you into agreeing to unnecessary treatment.

Don't trust a lawyer who dabbles in malpractice lawsuits. When you choose Jordan Law Firm, P.C., you'll work with a dental malpractice attorney who relies on years of experience in this area.