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We Hold Discriminatory Organizations Accountable

Our employment discrimination lawyers in Rock Hill, SC will stand up for your civil rights

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it's illegal for employers, public service providers, educators and law enforcement officers to discriminate against people based on certain characteristics. Jordan Law Firm, P.C. helps protect the civil rights of Rock Hill, SC area residents by litigating discrimination cases. Our boutique firm focuses on employment law, so look no further for a local employment discrimination lawyer.

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Are you a member of a protected class?

Federal law prohibits workplace harassment and retaliation against members of protected classes. That means your employer can't hire, fire or refuse to promote you based solely on certain...

  • Biological attributes, including sex and age
  • Physical attributes, including race and color
  • Lifestyle choices, including religion or marital status
  • Physical or health conditions, including pregnancy and disability

If you've experienced a similar type of discrimination at work in the Rock Hill, SC area, we can hold the at-fault party accountable by filing an individual or a class-action lawsuit.

Your dedicated employment discrimination lawyer can represent you at every stage and can...

  • Inform you of your rights
  • Negotiate with your employer
  • Walk you through the administrative process
  • Bring your case before a judge in state or federal court

Start working with a knowledgeable employment discrimination lawyer at Jordan Law Firm, P.C. today.