The History of Jordan Law Firm

The law firm of Jordan Law Firm, PC was created in 2005. The roots of the firm's foundation can be traced back to 1996, when the law firm of Jordan & Plowden, P.C. was formed in Seneca, South Carolina. Subsequently, Jordan Law Firm, P.C. was established by D. Bradley Jordan, and found its home at the heart of the historic Old Town of Rock Hill, South Carolina in 2005.

Jordan Law Firm, PC has its roots in the Rock Hill, York County, and Chester County areas of South Carolina, and its history speaks to its commitment and dedication to the interests of its clients in South Carolina, which have served as a guidepost to each of its attorneys and team members.

Through the years of serving Rock Hill, its surrounding areas, and across South Carolina, Jordan Law Firm, PC has adapted consistently to the rapidly-changing social, economic, and legal environments and has shown a progressive and proactive attitude toward the growth of the areas of its legal practice and geographic location. At the same time, Jordan Law Firm, PC has maintained its strong connections and relations to the Rock Hill, York County, and Chester County communities, where its roots lie.