insurance litigation lawyer in columbia sc

When an insurance company denies adequate coverage for you under your policy, it may be doing so in "bad faith." The truth is, however, that all insurance companies are required by law to treat each of their customers-that is, every person that they insure and is covered under the policy-fairly and honestly, and may not breach their duty of "good faith and fair dealing."

A "bad faith" insurance practice may occur when an insurance company deliberately treats its customer unfairly or fails to comply with the laws of a state governing the way insurance claims should be handled. Such a deceptive, unfair, or unlawful insurance practice can constitute grounds for a lawsuit. If you have been denied benefits under your insurance policy and feel that your insurance company is not adhering to the terms of your agreement, you should probably consider contacting one of the attorneys at Jordan Law Firm.

At Jordan Law Firm, we believe that insurance companies should willingly and promptly provide help and support to all of their policyholders in a time of need-that is, when a valid claim is filed. We believe that your insurance policy should be a safeguard against an unfortunate event that may occur to you, not the source of stress or hassle for you. The attorneys at Jordan Law Firm will stand up for both businesses and individuals who find themselves in an unenviable position of having an insurance company deny adequate coverage for no good reason.

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