Are You Going Through a Divorce?

Are You Going Through a Divorce?

Reach out to a family attorney in Columbia or Rock Hill, SC

Divorce can be a difficult journey. You need all the clear-headed help you can get. In messy divorce cases, your family attorney may want outside assistance. That's where a mediation attorney from Jordan Law Firm, P.C. in Rock Hill, SC comes in.

Our attorney will sit "second chair" and assist your primary attorney with divorce mediation. We'll do everything we can to bring your case to a peaceful resolution.

Reach out to us if you need mediation assistance in York, Lancaster, Chester, Fairfield, Richland, Lexington, Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee or Greenville counties.

What to expect from mediation

The primary goal of mediation is to reach a peaceful agreement without taking your divorce case to trial. When you reach out to us for assistance from a mediation attorney, we can help you settle issues involving:

Marital property
Alimony disputes
Child support

While it's not possible to avoid trial in every case, we'll do everything possible to help both parties come to amicable terms. If you need a family law attorney to assist with your meditation, contact us today.