The employment attorneys at Jordan Law Firm, PC regularly represent clients in a variety of matters arising in the context of all aspects of employment. These matters may involve discriminatory hiring practices, mistreatment or harassment in the workplace, wage disputes, or wrongful termination.

Insurance Litigation

When an insurance company denies adequate coverage for you under your policy, it may be doing so in “bad faith.” The truth is, however, that all insurance companies are required by law to treat each of their customers—that is, every person that they insure and is covered under the policy—fairly and honestly, and may not breach their duty of “good faith and fair dealing.”

Medical/Dental Malpractice

Medical and dental malpractice is a core practice area of Jordan Law Firm, PC. For every medical or dental malpractice case, our legal team exerts all our resources and personal attention to ensure that our clients are provided with the most effective legal representation possible.

Personal Injury

The legal team at the Jordan Law Firm, P.C. consistently represent South Carolina residents who became injured through the negligence or actions of another person. Our team is also happy to represent personal injury victims in Washington D.C. and have associates licensed in Georgia as well.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have suffered an injury while at work or due to your occupation, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation funds. Don’t look at this compensation as a gift or something that you are winning. Instead, consider is a type of insurance you have paid into throughout your years of service to your employer that are now benefiting from.